Liesbeth Busman Salon + Edelsmid & Ontwerp Atelier voor ambachtelijk gemaakte sieraden en trouwringen

Located Prinsegracht 32, 2512 GA The Hague, The Netherlands we are close to the heart of the center. You can park your car in the street or at the parking under the Grote Markt 100 meters further down the road. De Salon is a nice 10 minutes walk through our lovely old streets from both train stations.

Easy booking: Please select a service to your liking. (reservations are free of costs)
➳ Please plan your visit right after, or right before one of the other appointments. This to ensure the efficient planning of all appointments in the day. Thank you!

Wedding & Engagement - having a look at the collections

You can explore and try on the various ring models, perhaps look at the exquisite stone collection, and discover which of the silver- or signature gold colours looks best on your skin.

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Information & eventual designing custom jewelry to your wish.

The time includes general informing you on procedure, wishes and options. If the design is clear / agreed in this first appointment, there is no charge for the designing. When extra drawings, test models or prototypes are perhaps needed, there are extra charges for extra labour. These are charged by the time it takes to make them. I work with clear upfront price estimations and your budget in mind

(1 hour and 30 minutes)

Jewelry - having a look at the jewelry collections

Whether it is a present for a loved one or a treat for yourself, you are most welcome. Also for ’just having a look" / " Even rond kijken ".

(1 hour)

First information on design procedure

Possible before 6 PM / 18:00hrs

(30 minutes)

Re-Design Old gold: general information. Tick this box if you want this extra additional information during your appointment.

Good news for those of you who have old gold jewelry or coins lying around in drawers, pots and baggies: It can be used to make e new jewel! Or you can use it to get a nice discount on your purchase ;) You need at least 15 grams to be able to have a new jewel made. The gold that is not used, is returned to you or used to get the ‘oldgold discount’

(15 minutes)

Picking-up of finished jewelry.

Possible before 6PM / 18:00hrs

(30 minutes)

Dropping something of.

This service is only possible before 6 PM / 18:00hrs

(15 minutes)

I would like to order a jewel after previously visiting the Salon and falling in love with it.

Thank you. Let’s make something beautiful and meaningful ✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎✴︎ This service is possible before 6 PM / 18:00hrs

(30 minutes)